Precision Machining and Engineering Services

At Wicks Engineering Ltd, we specialise in precision engineering and machining. Serving clients throughout the UK, we cover a vast range of materials, including steel, plastic, bronze, and titanium. With the capabilities to meet all your needs, we go above and beyond to produce all products to the highest standard. Browse our wide array of services below or get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.

Medium and large batch production runs

Batch Production

Order small and large batches with our cost-effective and efficient production process. All parts are made to order by our skilled engineering team.

Aluminium CNC Machined food packaging conveyor bracket


Product complex single components to match all your specifications. Backed by more than 45 years of experience, our team specialise in machining prototypes and one-off components.

CNC machining of an impeller

CNC Milling

Build a component prototype in the most cost-effective way possible. With quality CNC milling, we manufacture all products to match your specific requirements.

Aluminium CNC turned bearing housing

CNC Turning

Choose quality CNC turning services, suitable for small- to large-batch production runs, with all parts made to order and delivered at the most competitive prices.

Motorcycle Footrest Hanger

CAD Design

Take advantage of our full concept-to-manufacture product design service, including design engineering and reverse engineering services.

Siemens System Control

CAM Programming

Discover the benefits of combining the latest CAM software and manual programming in creating products efficiently and cost-effectively.

3D Printed Prototype transmitter

Additive Manufacture

Prototype your design concept with effective 3D printing techniques. Additive manufacturing will save you time and money on product development before manufacturing.


Manufacturing from Various Materials

Our precision engineering and machining solutions cover various materials and specifications.

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